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Memorial and Corpus Funds - "In Memory Of"

If you love someone, show it!
Create a Memorial Fund with We Care in memory of your loved ones.
Let their name be remembered in our hearts forever!

Information | List of Funds

List of Funds

We thank you for reposing your trust and confidence in us by setting up a memorial or corpus fund.
  1. 2017 - Sequeiras From Sakleshpur Fund For Education
  2. 2016 - Franklin Menezes Memorial Health Care Fund
  3. 2015 - Mary Valerien Rodrigues Education Fund
  4. 2015 - Raymond & Cecelia, Basil & Violet Lobo Memorial Fund
  5. 2014 - Francis & Santanna Pinto / Andrew & Magdalene D'Souza Memorial Education Fund
  6. 2013 - Daniel D’Souza – Path of Charity Fund
  7. 2012 - Mervyn & Irene Colaco Education Fund & Mervyn & Irene Colaco Charity Fund
  8. 2011 - Kulandai Mary Ambrose Memorial Health Fund
  9. 2011 - Christopher Savio and Shantila Maria Correia Education Fund
  10. 2011 - Kamala Nataraj Memorial Charity Fund
  11. 2011 - John and Celine Smith Fund for Senior Citizens
  12. 2010 - Aruldas Ambrose Education Fund
  13. 2010 - Hailey Nazareth Penny Fund
  14. 2010 - Jerry Cardoza Memorial Education Fund
  15. 2010 - Kardel Education Fund
  16. 2010 - Noel Lobo Prabhu Memorial Fund
  17. 2009 - Yvette and Austin Da Gama Memorial Fund (memorial & charity)
  18. 2009 - Stella Sequeira Memorial Fund (memorial & charity)
  19. 2009 - Peter and Florine Tantz Memorial Fund (memorial & aged)
  20. 2009 - Mercy Jacob Charity Fund (memorial & education)
  21. 2009 - Lazarus Rajamani and Erick Vaz Memorial Education Fund
  22. 2009 - Ivy and Rudy D'Silva Marian Charity Fund (memorial & charity)
  23. 2009 - Francis Xavier and Lilian Catherine Sequeira Memorial Education Fund
  24. 2008 - Alma Philip Memorial Fund (memorial & charity)
  25. 2008 - A Lazarus Memorial Fund (memorial & aged)
  26. 2007 - Valerie Peters Memorial Fund (memorial & charity)
  27. 2007 - Prem Ankur Fund (for newly born children)
  28. 2007 - Lily & Bonaventure Memorial Fund (memorial & charity)
  29. 2007 - Hands of Hope Fund (charity)
  30. 2007 - Amanda and Ambur Fund (memorial & charity)
  31. 2007 - Alwyn and Bernadette Nazareth Fund (memorial & charity)
  32. 2006 - We Care 4 Children Fund (by Caroline D'Souza for children)
  33. 2006 - Cecilia Thomas Memorial Fund (memorial & education)
  34. 2005 - We Care Education Fund
  35. 2005 - Prudente and Fatima Menezes Fund (memorial & charity)
  36. 2005 - Beatrice and Charles Noronha Fund (memorial & charity)
  37. 2004 - St Anthony's Charity Fund
  38. 2004 - Rosario Vincent & Natalia Lobo Fund (memorial & charity)
  39. 2004 - Osborne and Ela D'Lima Fund (memorial & education)
  40. 2004 - Mabel Rodricks Fund (memorial & diabetic)
  41. 2003 - Rita Nazareth Memorial Fund (memorial & charity)
  42. 2003 - Karen Maryann Pereira Memorial Fund (memorial & cancer)
  43. 2003 - John & Edith Countinho Memorial Fund (memorial & charity)
  44. 2003 - Dr Jeanette Pinto Fund (memorial & widows)
  45. 2003 - D Y N Murthy Fund (memorial & charity)
  46. 2002 - Velthoria and George Sequeira Fund (memorial & education)
  47. 2002 - Shirley and Maurice D'Mello Fund (memorial & charity)
  48. 2002 - Annam Manikkathan Fund (memorial & charity)
  49. 2001 - Vida & Douglas Lobo Health Care Fund (memorial)
  50. 2000 - Women's welfare Fund
  51. 2000 - SNS Education Programme Fund (education)
  52. 2000 - Kevin and Maureen Colaco Fund (memorial & charity)
  53. 2000 - Leprosy Patients and Families Fund
  54. 1999 - John & Theresa D'Souza Fund (memorial & education)
  55. 1999 - Initial Trust Fund

1. Sequeiras From Sakleshpur Fund For Education

Estd. 2017. People love playing blame games when things go awry. It's the same with discussions on the politics or on the state of affairs in countries. But what do the general public who complain do about it? Yes, you can take your frustrations to social media. Yes, you can sign every petition there is. 

I believe, however, that the most effective way to improve things is through education. Illiteracy and an idle mind are, together, disastrous! That is why we, the Sequeira family from Sakleshpur, have started this small fund to help underprivileged children get a chance at education. We hope, with this fund, we get a chance to improve little children's futures and give them too, an opportunity, to make this world a better place.

Reena Ann Sequeira


2. Franklin Menezes Memorial Health Care Fund
“I do not want to be a reservoir, but a channel of God’s Love”

Estd – 2016: This Fund has been created by MRS ANNA MENEZES, wife of Late Mr Terence Menezes, in the memory of her son, Franklin who died on 19 September 2014. Through this fund she intend to express her gratitude to God for the good things that he has done for her. Firstly, after a long struggle, her property was returned to her, almost by a miracle. Secondly, her son who had gone away from her, returned just one day before his death. She says “God has never ceased doing miracles for me. I want to be a channel of God’s love and mercy to people who are genuinely in need. I do not want to be a reservoir, but a channel of God’s Love.”. 


3. Mary Valerien Rodrigues Education Fund
“I too desire to be a Life-giving-hero!”

Estd – 2015: MARY VALERIAN RODRIGUES hails from the beautiful coastal town of Mangalore. Having come from a home of modest means she experienced many ups and downs of life. Today at the age of 81, she feel blessed and privileged to have all her heart’s desires fulfilled by the grace of God. The fund is a gratitude to her uncle who enabled her to stand on her feet. She was also inspired by the book, Life-giving Heroes, by Dr Jeanette Pinto. She feels, that even though her life experiences are far too insignificant, when compared to what many of the heroes in the book, she wishes strongly to give something back to society, so that she also can be included as one among a Life-Giving-Hero. The Fund has been created to support the education poor and deserving children. 


4. Raymond & Cecelia, Basil & Violet Lobo Memorial Fund
“Honor your father and your mother”

Estd – 2015: Our grandfather Raymond Lobo was a Stamp Vendor at the local court in Mangalore, expired on 2 Feb 1910. Raymond was married to our grandmother Cecelia, who was a needle-work teacher at the local Govt School in Mangalore. Their son Basil, our dear father, a practicing Lawyer in Mangalore, lost his father Raymond when he was just 10 months. Basil, married to our dear mother Violet, who was a house wife. This fund has been created by DOUGLAS FRANCIS LOBO and his siblings, Norman & Doreen Lobo, Chester & Edwina Lobo, Beryl & Victor Misquith, Hazel & Ivan Lobo and Oscar & Sheila Lobo, in the memory of their parents and grandparents. The fund has been created for the benefit of aged-poor and destitute. 


5. Francis & Santanna Pinto / Andrew & Magdalene D’Souza Memorial Education Fund
“In loving gratitude to our dear parents”

Estd - 2014: My father, Mr. Francis Pinto was born in Neerude, Mangalore. He was a farmer and a very hard working person. Everyone knew him as a generous, humble and honest man. He worked very hard to give his 9 children a comfortable life. As the youngest of 9 children, growing up I remember my father telling us to always speak the truth no matter the circumstance or situation. He was a very God fearing person and attended Church regularly. My mother, Santanna Pinto was a housewife. She too was very hard working person. She looked after the family and helped my father in the fields. It is because of my mother, that all nine of us were able to go to school and get a good education. She used to tell my father to allow us to go to school and that she would work in the fields and help him. I thank God for having blessed me with such wonderful parents who showed us by example how to live our faith and love one another
Philomena D’Souza, Bangalore. 

My father, Andrew D'Souza, was born in Shirva, Mangalore and mother, Magdalene D'Souza was born in Valencia, Mangalore. They had 6 children. My father used to work with the Railways in Mumbai. Both were very loving and hard working who cared for their children and gave them a good education. We are truly thankful to them. —Valerian D’Souza, Bangalore. In grateful memory of our parents, we have set up this memorial fund for the benefit of the poor and the needy
Valerian & Philomena D’Souza, Bangalore.

Reena Ann Sequeira


"Together we can make a difference"

Estd. 2013. Hi, My name is Daniel D'Souza. I am 10 years old and in Grade 5. I am the Class Representative and help out in “'Me to We - Free the Children Charity” in Canada. I am an Indo-Canadian and live in Toronto, Canada. I am a Navy Cadet and do community service. I play different sports. I enjoy playing drums and piano. I was the nominee and received certificate for Ontario Best Junior Citizen.  

I promoted a new fund called "Path of Charity" with 'We Care (Trust)' in Bangalore, India and my goal is to help poor children to get better education, food, clothing, etc. My sister, Caroline, was my inspiration. I wish to raise funds by selling my music CDs to family and friends and I also wish to donate my birthday gift money towards this fund. I personally feel, if we all contribute a “little” towards various causes, then TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Thank you, We Care, for giving me this opportunity.

Daniel D'Souza.


“A Tribute to our parents Late Mervyn and Irene Colaco”

Estd. 2012. We the family keep alive the memory of our parents by creating
a. Mervyn And Irene Colaco Education Fund – for children education, and
b. Mervyn And Irene Colaco Charity Fund – for support of old and destitute persons.
.Mervyn, our dad died at a very young age of 50, left us very shocked and broken. He was on duty at the Syndicate Bank, Coimbatore Branch, as an Inspector. There he died of a massive heart attack. Our Mother was young and a homemaker and now had the responsibility to shoulder the burden of taking care of us six children, the eldest being 24 years and the youngest 6 yrs, besides, run the house without an earning member to support. Our mother being a women of faith and strength, took up the reigns, her faith in God, her love, her courage, her inspiration, her honesty & discipline, her guidance, and the concern of our future in giving us the best education, we her children stand as a witness of her toil. Today we can proudly say that we are the children of Late Mervyn & Irene Colaco. .

Having being nurtured and brought up with not much income, it was inculcated in us to share whatever we had with the needy, be it our time, food, or service, and this has given birth to our united decision to open a fund as a tribute and remembrance of our beloved parents. What better way to keep their memory alive than to imitate them, and reach out to the underprivileged and old aged. We do not recollect much of our father's activities, but we have experienced his strict discipline attitude, which helped us to be more docile and obedient to our mother, this helped her in a way. We have much to speak of our mother as she lived a long life and died at the age of 87. The rare thing which needs mention is that she belonged to one parish all her 87years. She was one who was well known to all the relatives both on her side and her husband's side, as most of them would come and stay with her as it was the ancestral house, more so because of her warm and pleasing hospitality, irrespective of their status. She always said that this house has no steps, when it came to welcoming her husband's step brothers/ sister and their family members, So large was her mind and heart. She was loved by her grandchildren, who often recall all the songs, hymns and her proverbs, a few I would like to mention 'No pain No gain' 'A stitch in time saves nine', 'All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy'. She handed over to us her faith and also saw to it that we practiced it, by daily Mass in summer holidays, daily morning and night prayers and the daily rosary. Yes indeed she took it very seriously that a family that prayers together stay together and today in their absence the family is still united and we pray we will stay united.


 "Eternally grateful to the Lord Almighty for Curing my mother" From their loving son, Aruldas Ambrose.

This fund is set up to remember and be eternally grateful to our Lord Almighty for curing my mother, Kulandaimary from TB when I (Aruldas Ambrose) was an infant. In those days, treatment for TB was not fully developed and my father (Marian Ambrose) went through very difficult times emotionally and financially as the disease was also contagious. Our Lady of Good Health, Vailankanni, helped mom to recover here health totally and completely. After being cured, she lived a healthy life and gave birth to three more children. 

My Dad had never seen the footsteps of a school, but realizing the importance of a good education, he gave all his five children a convent education because of which we are what we are today! He left Coimbatore, in Tamil Nadu and came to Bombay to eke out a living. Life here was very tough for him. Employed as an ordinary helper, he slept on the pavements, worked double shifts and before long became a textile technician from an ordinary helper. Taking lessons from his father-in-law, he became the owner of a property in Andheri, MIDC, where he realized his lifelong dream to set up a textiles unit of his own remittance from Saudi Arabia helped him a bit, but he was the architect of the small empire that he established! I took lessons of hard work, simplicity and foresightedness from him. When the industry was hit hard by innovation and invasion of foreign technology, he retired to settle down in his native soil, Coimbatore. He passed away in August 2008.

My Mom completed her elementary schooling and was a resident of Mumbai. She endured patiently the short temper of my father and made a great homemaker. She contracted TB in the early days of her marriage and has been feeble ever since. It was God’s blessing that kept her alive for so long. Her patient, prudent and practical outlook towards life uplifted our family from rags to riches! Her feeble condition became fragile after her triple by-pass heart surgery in 2004.Being a very thrifty and prayerful person, she held the family together admirably, especially during the storms of life! After a brief illness she passed away in March 2011.

In March 2012 we will commemorate her first death anniversary. The fund is intended to help some poor patients needing medical help in our society.


"In fond remembrance of our children whom the Lord has taken to Himself"

My wife Edilda and myself, Peter J G Correia would like to create a Memorial Corpus Fund for the education of the poor and needy children in memory of our two children.  

We had two children, a boy and a girl. Our daughter, Shantila Maria died at the year of one year and two months and our son, Christopher Savio at the age of 15years. Christopher was in class 9 at St Xavier’s Collegiate School, Kolkata. He was a very healthy and good boy, obedient and good mannered, good at studies and sports. He had completed 8th grade of the Trinity College of Music in violin. The last tune he played on the violin was the Ave Maria, at the Golden Wedding of one of our friends on 25th October 1981. Of a sudden he developed a cold, sore throat, and within a few days he was completely paralyzed. We shifted him to the best hospital, but things went worse. He died on December 4th, 1981. Later we were told by a priest that our son wanted himself to be a priest one day.

We are writing all this to give you some background of our lives. If our children were alive, we would have spent lot of money for their education, well being and up bringing and ultimately they would have been inheritors to everything we have. Now that our children are no more with us, we decided to use our property for the extension of God’s kingdom of love, peace and justice.

We have read the WE CARE newsletter 2010 and have read about the marvelous work you are doing to help, care, educate and uplift the needy and the poor. We are happy to know that we are now cooperators in your work of building a world of love and peace. May God bless you and all your helpers and cooperators

We are grateful to Peter and Edilda Correira (now in their 80's) for setting up this corpus fund. We feel sad that you have lost your children. But through this fund, you will be also educate hundreds of children in the years to come. May God Bless you and grant your children eternal rest.


"Give it to the poor!"

Mrs. Eliza Pereira, Medical Social Officer, St. John’s Medical College Hospital, Bangalore, who set up the fund in the memory of Kamala Nataraj wrote us this letter. “Dear Fr Trevor, I have known Kamala for the last 25 years. She was trained by me to care for senior and sick patients. Before her untimely death on 8th April 2011, she was the resident care-taker for Mrs. Theresa D’Souza, Founder of WE CARE and was residing with her at Providence Home, Carmelaram, Bangalore. According to Kamala’s last will and testament, which she made on 02nd April 2011, she desired that all her personal belongings be bequeathed to the poor. She entrusted me with the task of executing her last intentions. Hence after settling her hospital bills and funeral expenses, I am handing over the balance money from her belongings to your Trust, WE CARE, with a request to kindly create a Corpus Fund in her name and memory and utilize the same for the benefit of the poor. The proposed name of the fund: Kamala Nataraj Memorial Charitable Fund.”

Kamala was married to Late Mr. Nataraj. As she had no children of her own, she took care of her husband’s younger brother who was disabled. After his death, she took up work as a care-taker of patients and worked in Baptist Hospital, Bangalore for many years. Later on she provided home-care to sick and aged patients. As she had no one, whom she call her own, she moved from one patient’s home to another and lived with them till their death.

Kamala was a very dedicated care-taker and looked after the patients with devotion. She was also very spiritual person and used to spend her quite time in prayer. Knowing the seriousness of her health condition, when she was asked what should be done to her personal belongings in case she should pass away? Her only response was, “give it to the poor”. She wanted her clothing and jewelry to be sold and the money to be given to the poor. Lying in the ICU of St John’s Hospital, she was offered free treatment for an open heart surgery. But she told the doctors and nurses, “I do not want to be operated upon and I am spiritually ready to die.” A few days later, while sitting in prayer, she suffered from a severe cardiac arrest and passed away peacefully. May her soul rest in peace and may her memory live in the hearts of those who will receive benefits from her funds.

The family members of Theresa D’Souza are grateful to Kamala for the loving way in which she attended to their mother, during the last two years of her life. While staying together in the Home, both Theresa and Kamala became close friends. With the passing away of Kamala, Theresa felt her loss and a few months later passed away. May the soul of Kamala rest in peace.


"I learnt the art of sharing from my grandfather"

“Who can understand the sufferings of the poor leprosy patients better than those who battled with acute poverty conditions during childhood?” asks John Smith, as he recalls his life and experiences.

I am now 79 and my wife Celine is 76 years. I was born in 1932 in South Kanara into an Anglo-Indian family of eleven children and had a rough and tough childhood period. My father was not well-off and we had difficulty at home for food and education. Childhood days were hard when hunger was a constant companion. I learnt the art of sharing from my grandfather. He used to bring soft bread neatly tucked in his umbrella but gave it away to other hunger children on the way! This art of sharing continued to be a trait in my family. After completing my basic education, I got a job in Southern Railways. I got married to Celine, who was trained in nursing and midwifery. She too had a good job in the Railway hospital.

God filled my heart with a kindness for the poor and spirit of service to the sick. During my visits to Udupi, I used to visit St Anthony’s Hospital, Jeppu and donate whatever I could for the care of the leprosy patients. Leprosy was my chosen field as I had seen poor leprosy patients suffering due to isolation and social boycott.

Celine and John Smith are the pious couple with compassion for all suffering humanity. Despite health problems associated with old age, they are a cheerful couple with a large heart. Even now, they keep apart a tidy sum from their meager income for the poor and suffering. May the Lord Almighty bless you both, as you cope with old age and may your lives continue to inspire many of us.


12. ARULDAS AMBROSE EDUCATION FUND “A gesture of gratitude to my father”.

Estd. 2010. This fund is instituted in memory of my late father, Marian Ambrose. I wish to express my sincere gratitude to him for having given all his five children a good convent education despite the fact that he himself was an uneducated man. The education that we received has placed us in good jobs and prominent places in society. Now that I have retired, after working in the gulf for over 25 years, I would like to further his Endeavour to make available the privilege of "education" to the have-nots in our society.


13. HAILEY NAZARETH PENNY FUND “A dollar has 100 pennies - it takes time to collect it”

Estd. 2010. My name is Hailey Asha Nazareth and I am 6 years old (2010). I live in Burlington, Canada. My parents are Rohan and Deborah Nazareth. I am in Senior Kindergarten at Tom Thompson School. Once when I was visiting my grandparents in Toronto, I was playing with a jar of pennies which my grandma, Bernadette, collects for charity. Seeing this, my grandma suggested that I start collecting pennies and use this money to educate children in India. My grandma helped me set up a fund with We Care in Bangalore, India. I was surprised that when the pennies were converted to Indian Rupees, it was equivalent to Rs.2,000/-. I hope the pennies I collect will help a small girl like myself to go to school in India. Hailey, We Care is proud of you, our youngest fund raiser!


14. JERRY CARDOZA MEMORIAL EDUCATION FUND “a tribute to my beloved late husband”

Estd. 2010. This fund has been created as a tribute to my beloved late husband, Jerome Eusabeus Cardoza. I was fortunate to have 40 years of a blissful life as his wife. My husband, a coffee planter, had educated many of our workers’ children who are now well placed in life. I wish to continue this tradition through the noble efforts of We Care and hence request that this fund be used exclusively for the education of the underprivileged children.


15. KARDEL EDUCATION FUND “Giving back to the world what we got freely from our blessed parents”

Estd. 2010. This fund is started to educate children from all walks of life. Children are our future and giving them an education will not feed them for a day but for a lifetime. KARDEL stands for Karen-Delon, Deloitte and Elizabeth, a fund in honour of my siblings, giving back to the world what we got freely from our blessed parents. In life when we take a moment to count our blessings we realize the word “count” is overtaken by the word “showered”. We have been blessed abundantly. In gratitude for all the blessings my family and I have received just a small but sincere offering to help one generation at a time. I thank We Care for giving us this opportunity to give back to the society what we have received.


16. NOEL LOBO PRABHU MEMORIAL FUND “To cherish my husband’s memory”

Estd. 2010. My husband (1938-2009) was the eldest of five children of Charles and Mercy Lobo, Mangalore. He was a God-fearing man with strong faith and family values, a man of principles, straight forward, honest, generous and righteous. A man of impeccable integrity. He excelled in academics, always standing 1st and was a gold medalist in Electrical Engineering. He had a successful career in the Indian Railways and retired as a member of the Railway Board. Being generous hearted, he gave alms to the poor and supported an old aged home, orphanage and CRY. He has left behind his son Rohit and daughter Leah and of course me, Jennifer, to whom he was a loving and caring husband. We Care is doing a commendable work for the less fortunate and to cherish my husband’s memory, I wish to institute this fund in his name.


17. YVETTE AND AUSTIN DA GAMA MEMORIAL FUND “A small way of saying thank you!”

Estd. 2009. A picture says more than thousand words can. Looking at the smiles on the faces of my brother Austin and his wife Yvette tells you all about them. A very loving and caring couple who have done so much for me and my family. In establishing this fund in their names, is a small way of saying ‘thank you’. Education played an important part in their lives and so this memorial fund is for educating needy and deserving children. In this way many more will remember and pray for them. This fund was established by Agnes de Sa, Lecturer, Mumbai.



Estd. 2009. Although taken from us in her 76th year by the ravages of pancreatic cancer, Stella lives on in the memory of all who were touched by her love, friendship, humility and faith. Her life was devoted to others, asking little for her and never wanting to trouble anyone. Even as the end came she carefully planned so that none of us would be inconvenienced. She approached the time, as she had approached her entire life, with knowledge certain that she was in God’s hands and that He would provide her comfort and strength. She resisted pain killers, so often associated with her cancer, in order to remain alert to the end. Stella’s faith and courage serve as a model for those of us who knew and loved her. She was a wonderful cook and was happiest when sharing with family and friends the amazing creations from her kitchen. It is our sincere hope that this memorial fund will provide orphaned children the opportunity to experience the wonders and joys of life. Note: Stella Sequeira lived in Mangalore with her husband Francis. Her only daughter Florence, now married to Tom Graves, lives in the USA.


19. PETER & FLORINE TANTZ MEMORIAL FUND “A tribute from your loving daughter”

Estd. 2009. Peter and Florine are my beloved parents who passed away about 10 years ago. I remember with gratitude the love and affection they gave us, as children, and even though they had to face tough times in their lives, they sacrificed much for our well-being and growth. As a tribute of my love and affection for them, I have set up this memorial fund in We Care. I dedicate this fund to all aged people, for whose welfare I wish this fund to be utilized. Your loving daughter, Louisa D’Souza, Teacher (Retd), Bangalore.


20. Mercy Jacob Education Fund - "A gesture of gratitude and thanksgiving"

Estd. 2009. I came to know about We Care through the internet and was pleasantly surprised to know that their programme centre, Pratiksha Nivas, is situated not very far away from my house. I was quite impressed by the work being done by Fr. Trevor D’Souza and his team.

I am an Engineering graduate in Electronics and am presently working as Senior Manager in BHEL, Bangalore. I stay at BTM layout in Bangalore with my husband and two daughters, both of whom are studying in school. I am privileged by the grace of God Almighty to have been well provided for and this is a small gesture of gratitude.

I have set up this a charity fund, in thanksgiving for the numerous miracles that have happened in my life. I would like this fund to be used for education of needy children. I realize that the good education I have received has been responsible for achieving much in my life. I firmly believe that education is a gift that we can give to the future generations. It is the most powerful tool that can change the world for the better of humankind. This fund is just a small beginning of another journey in my life and there are still miles to go ahead. In the future I would like to get involved with the programmes and activities of We Care.


21. Lazarus Rajamani and Erick Vaz Memorial Education Fund

Estd 2009. Created by Christopher and Aurelia Rajamani from Dubai, in the memory of their fathers.


22. Ivy and Rudy D'silva Marian Charity Fund “Reaching out to the poor”

Estd. 2009. Both of us are very happy to have set up this fund in We Care for the benefit of the needy. Rudy was born in Hyderabad and Ivy in Mumbai. We lived for many years in the gulf (UAE). Ivy worked as a teacher and Head-Mistress and Rudy a Mechanical Engineer. We also involved ourselves in many activities, mainly associated with the Church. After our retirement we settled down in Belgaum for some time, then in Kallianpur and now in Mangalore, India. We have been blessed by God in many ways and are grateful for all these blessings. We have always reached out to the poor and underprivileged and had in mind to do something like this for a long time. Now we got an opportunity to fulfill that dream. We wish We Care many fruitful years in serving the poor.


23. Francis Xavier and Lilian Catherine Sequeira Memorial Fund

Estd. 2009. Xavier was born on 3rd December 1920 in the village of Barkur in South Kanara, India. After completing his schooling he joined the Indian Navy in his quest for adventure, and served for 30 years, including active service in London during the Second World War. Lillian was born on 6th February 1921 in Kadri, Mangalore, and worked as a nurse at the JJ hospital in Bombay. They were married in 1953 and Lillian became a homemaker raising their two sons.

After postings to Bombay, Cochin, and Mysore, they chose to live out their golden years in the garden city of Bangalore following Xavier’s retirement, becoming pioneer settlers in the 3rd Block of Koramangala Layout, Bangalore, India. They served on various church committees, always willing to lend a hand to those in need. After Lillian passed away in 1992, Xavier devoted a lot of time doing volunteer work at Seva Sadan, an orphanage and training institute in Koramangala, Bangalore.

Despite living in a big city, they never forgot their humble beginnings. They both shared an earnest desire to provide the priceless gift of education to underprivileged children, as they truly believed that a good education was the stepping stone to all success that follows. An educational trust fund in their name was established after Xavier passed away in 2005. Thank you We Care, for providing such an opportunity to have their wish come true.



Estd. 2008. Alma Philip, an outstanding woman, lived by her values and a love for the poor. Alma, loving called Mimi, by her family and friends, a teacher by profession, was a great friend of We Care. She took lots of interest in our work and never failed to enquire about our activities. In spite of her age and frail health she wanted to come over and teach English to the children. Of course, this did not happen as it was becoming difficult for her to travel long distances. However her goodwill is what we remember and cherish. In spite of her meager resources, she always found some money to donate to the poor. We Care is grateful to Alma for her bequeath left for our charitable works. In her honour and in gratitude for her love and affection for us, we have set up a fund in her memory.

We thank her brothers Simon and Peter and other members of her family. We pray the Almighty to grant her eternal rest.


25. A LAZARUS MEMORIAL OLD AGE FUND “A Tribute of love from his daughters” by Juliana Lazarus".

Estd. 2008. When dad passed away on 12 May, 2007, he looked younger than his 73 years. I suppose that's one reason why it was easy to forget that here was an ageing man. He looked young and we thought he was young. Till suddenly one day, we were forced to deal with his mortality and with the passing away of a husband, a father and a grandfather.

But dad, or Lazarus as the world knew him, was acutely aware of what old age meant. His sympathies were with those who had to spend their last days in old age homes. And he had only praise and admiration for the work of care-givers at such homes, especially the Little Sisters of the Poor.

That's why we decided to institute a fund for the aged in We Care in memory of A Lazarus. The fund was set up with a corpus donation of Rs 50,000 and is designated as the A Lazarus Memorial Fund.

Born on 30 September, 1934, in Sholapur, he was the eldest of five brothers. He spent his life in cities as varied as Belgaum, Karachi, Baroda, Bombay, Goa, Calcutta and finally, Bangalore. He married in 1958 and was father to four daughters. For his hard work, his sense of responsibility, his devotion to the Church, selflessness and generosity, we couldn't have asked for a better father.

Our dad is no longer with us. But, he lives on. The memorial fund is just one way to ensure that.



Estd. 2007. Valerie was born a normal child, active and intelligent. At the age of 4 years she developed high fever for over a month, which led to poliomyelitis leaving her with a cross paralysis affecting her left arm, right leg and spinal cord. She could not walk for almost 15 years and had to be carried everywhere. Her brain however was not affected and her intelligence had no boundaries. Despite her frail physical state she studied up till M.A. and appeared for all exams and came out with flying colours. Her nimble fingers crocheted, painted, embroidered and knitted with dexterous skill and precision. She could win any game of scrabble, chess or bridge. She loved attending parties, was cheerful and bright – she loved life and all its colours. Despite her frail state she never complained about aches and pains, which she must have suffered. Toward the end, Valerie could not cross the room even with her calipers. Her heart and left lung had started malfunctioning. Lying on her bed, she bore her suffering cheerfully and prepared herself for going to meet her God. The candle blew out in a second. Though we miss her presence we thank the Lord for the years he gave Valerie. We thank Him for the years of being together. Her life has been a lesson for us. May her soul rest in peace. – Vineetha, Sister of Valerie.


27. Premankur Fund

Estd 2007. A corpus fund set up by the Premankur members. Premankur is a voluntary group of women who stitch clothes for newly born babies and distribute them to women who have delivered in government hospitals.


28. Lily and Bonaventure Memorial Fund

Estd 2007. A memorial fund created by Mrs Beatrice Noronha in memory of her relatives.


29. Hands of Hope Fund

Estd 2007.A corpus fund created for the benefit of education of children.


30. Amanda and Ambur Fund

Estd 2007. A memorial fund created in memory of their children, Amanda and Ambur, by their parents.


31. Alwyn and Bernadette Nazareth Fund

Estd 2007. Alwyn and Bernadette have set up a charity fund in their memory. We thank them for their generosity and kindness towards the poor.



Estd. 2006. Hello, my name is Caroline D’Souza. I am in grade 5. I am 10 years old and I love to write a lot. I am an Indo-Canadian, which means that I am of Indian origin and I live in Canada.

I have written lots and lots of short stories, but I have only published two of them. I have been writing stories since I was six years old. I have always had a big imagination and with an imagination you can do anything you want, even be rich! Writing stories makes me happy. All my stories get sold to my family members and friends as I have a big family. I have sold over 100 copies of my stories already.

All the money that I collect I am donating to a trust in Bangalore, India, called “We Care”. I have just started a new fund called “We Care 4 Children Fund”. This goes to children for their education.

I hope that you all like writing stories too, but if you don’t that’s ok too. Just keep using your imagination, and have fun!

Caroline D’Souza, Canada, along with her family members and friends is actively involved in fund raising for the welfare of children in India. Last year she was awarded the Junior Citizen of the Year award for her outstanding achievements. Barely 12 years old, she is charged with a passion to reach out to the children in India and ensure that the “We Care 4 Children Fund” which she created will go a long way in supporting the needs of children. In 2008, she donated her long flowing hair to a society that makes wigs for cancer patients.

We highly appreciate the efforts of Caroline and are proud to have such a young and dynamic volunteer as a person who cares!



Estd 2006. Created by her husband, P M Thomas, Bangalore, in memory of his beloved wife for the welfare of the girl-child and their higher education.


34. We Care Education Fund

Estd 2005. Corpus fund created by We Care for the benefit of education of children


35. Prudente & Fatima Menezes Memorial Fund

Estd 2005. Created by Fatima Menezes, Goa, in memory of her late husband and herselfEstd 2005. Created by Fatima Menezes, Goa, in memory of her late husband and herself


36. Beatrice & Charles Noronha Fund

Estd 2005. Created by Beatrice Noronha, Bangalore, in memory of her late husband and herself.


37. St Anthony's Charity Fund

Estd 2004. Corpus fund created by We Care for charitable activities.


38. Rosario Vincent & Natalia Lobo Fund

Estd 2004. A fund created in the memory of his late grand-parents by Clinton Lobo, Mumbai.


39. Osborne & Ela D'lima Fund

Estd 2004. A fund created in the memory of his late grand-parents by Clinton Lobo, Mumbai.


340. Mabel Rodricks Fund

Estd 2004. A fund created by Mable Rodricks, Dubai for the benefit of diabetic patients.


41. RITA NAZARETH MEMORIAL FUND “she lived to serve!”

Estd. 2003. Rita Nazareth was a cheerful person supported We Care through her prayers. She met a tragic death on 11th December 2003. Her daughter Githa Rebello has created a fund for the poor in her loving memory. Here is a tribute of love written by her loving son, John Nazareth. May her soul rest in peace.

She lived to serve! The gentle tufts of Death’s rough call do not move us from the compelling thoughts and images her sterling name evokes. She was a mother who did her best to fulfill the wishes of her ever growing family and she kept a track of everyone of her children. Yes she was the ‘Rita Ma’ her eldest grandchild Mark D’Souza had kept for her.

Mummy, as I knew her, was definite but never distant, loveable but never lily-livered. She loved to go the full mile in helping the defeated and the downtrodden. She was fluent most of all in the simple midst of simple folk. She was a mother most of all to the world at large. She also lived for herself. She loved to relax and watch the world go by?

Rita Nazareth built people; she did not break them. She was honest and everybody trusted her. Although much sought after, she was humble all through her life. She loved life but did life love her? This is the subject most open to question.

Being her son brings to me the unique sense of filial love and honour. Life had lots more to give than it offered in the end. After all what did she claim from Life? Just see the tragic end she met. Rita Nazareth sprang to safe conclusions but she could not safer guard her own life. So jolly what?

She was an ideal Mother-loving, loveable and loved. She rose to do all that she could to save those who were defeated and downtrodden. Her Grand notions went well with her basic theme of – “keep it nice and simple”.

Mummy lived for others. She knew the basic values of Indian femininity and honoured it well. Mummy welcomed Children in truly Christ-like fashion. She held the best even in death she flashed the winsome smile. She rose to meet hazards well in life.

RITA NAZARETH! …………….. Did you say well, she is no passing entity in an endless planet? She lives on in our minds and hearts to fill an equally endless void.

She lived to serve. We’d live best if so we did!


42. Karen Maryann Pereira Memorial Fund

Estd 2003. A fund created from the donations of people, her husband, Aaron, Canada and her family members, Bangalore in memory of late Karen Pereira for the benefit of cancer patients.



Estd. 2003. A fund created in memory of her beloved parents, by their children.

“The great use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it” William James

Our parents – Late John Coutinho and Edith Coutinho originally from Mangalore, India, lived in the city of Belgaum since the year 1957. They were both committed to work for the family and the community. They were actively involved with the church and local groups. They served as President of various Associations, like Catholic Association, The Ladies Auxiliary Corps., The Diocesan Council of Catholic Women of India, etc.

They raised a family of six children, two sons and four daughters. They had hopes and dreams, high ideals and strong values and aspirations. They instilled these values in their children and with untiring efforts dedicated their lives to the achievement of these ideals. They invested their energy, ideals and resources in educating their children in a variety of fields and professions. Their efforts bore fruit in the accomplishments of their children in a variety of fields and professions. After completion our initial education in Belgaum, we moved to other cities and countries to pursue our studies and advance our ambitions. We are now in different parts of the world, settled with our families in diverse professional and community environments.

In the year 1976, John, our father had a very untimely death. Building up courage and confidence and with the support of family and friends our mother parented her children through the following years of their education and other pursuits. She continued her role with great commitment and dealt with all the challenges with tremendous strength and adaptability. Since 1994 she has settled down in the USA and has been living with one of her daughters in Northern Virginia, a suburb of Washington, D.C.

This fund has been created by Edith and her children with a view to support the poor and needy in pursuing their education. It embodies what they believe in and the cause they would like to support on a continuing basis. It conveys their sentiment of – “We have been blessed in many ways and would like to share this blessing with others always”.


44. Dr Jeanette Pinto Fund

Estd 2003. A fund created by Dr Jeanette Pinto, Mumbai in her own memory for the cause of widows.



Estd. 2003, A fund created by his sister, Dr. D. Leela, Bangalore in memory of her late brother.

Dr. D.Y.N. Murthy, the son of Late. D.B. Narasimha Murthy Rao and Smt. Mahalakshmamma was born in the year 1935. He got his M.B.B.S., Degree from Mysore University and M.D., (Paediatrics) from All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, in the year 1960.

He left for higher research studies to U.S.A., and worked till 1974 at Columbia, Missouri University. His specialization was in Juvenile Diabetes and published many research papers in reputed international journals. He passed away in the year 1974 at the age of 39 due to a heart ailment. He was a bachelor.


46. Velthoria & George Sequeira Fund

Estd 2002. A fund created by their children, Mangalore, in memory of their parents for the purpose of supporting the education of chidlren.


47. Shirley and Maurice D'Mello Fund

Estd 2002. A fund created in their own memory


48. Annam Manikkathan Memorial Fund

Estd 2002. A fund created by Jose M V, Bangalore in memory of his beloved mother.


49. VIDA & DOUGLAS LOBO HEALTH CARE FUND “Instead of sending flowers…”

Estd. 2001. I am fifty-three years old. I remember the day when my God-child, Athena, was to be married. I was getting ready for the wedding. While I was bathing, I got breathless. I rushed out of the bathing room shouting for help. The doctor soon arrived and after examining me put it down to “allergy”.

A year later, bouts of breathlessness continued. After a thorough examination, the doctors diagnosed fluid in my lungs. I was asked to go to TATA Memorial in Mumbai. My worst fears came true. After the doctors had performed all the tests, I was declared a cancer patient!

My whole life changed.

I had to take long leave from my job in the Syndicate Bank. The treatment was long and painful. Everything began to change, including myself. After months of treatment, when I looked in the mirror, I could not believe that I was looking at myself. I knew that my days on this earth were limited and the clock had begun ticking. But the thought of leaving my loved ones behind, especially my husband and two daughters, was unbearable. They needed me most at this time of their life. ‘I have to live,’ I told myself and began to fight this disease. But while the mind was strong, the body was slowly giving way.

Each day passed by in the company of my loving husband, Douglas, who tried to give me the best treatment possible. My daughters too were there at my side and tried to make life as comfortable as possible. My friends and family members visited me to encourage and cheer me up. Bu all the while, I knew that I had to face this disease all by myself. People could only see the agony on my face, I could feel the pain in my muscles and bones. I had to bear my suffering all by myself.

During my sickness, I had a lot of time to think and reflect on the wonders of life and its mysteries. I saw my medical and hospital bills … and I wondered. Suddenly, I realized how I needed to thank God for providing us with sufficient money to meet these expenses. And then I wondered about the poor … how the poor people will pay these bills if any of them fall sick … it must be very difficult for them … and … It was then that my husband and I decided to do something for the poor, especially those suffering from sickness.

We decide to set up a Corpus Fund in our memory in We Care. The interest from the fund would be utilized to provide medical and health care to the poor and needy. I hope and pray that after my death, my husband and daughters will continue to contribute towards the poor through this fund.

Note: Vida Lobo passed away on 19 February 2002. The Vida & Douglas Lobo Health Care Fund was set up in WE CARE. This fund is a tribute to the memory of someone who cared!


50. We Care Fund for the Care of Women

Estd 2000. We Care has set up a fund for the care of women with the assistance from the FMM Sisters of Providence Convent, Bangalore. The money will be utilized for developing the quality of life for women.


51. SNS Education Programme Fund

Estd 2000. A save-n-study fund created by We Care towards the education of children.



Estd 2000. Kevin and Maureen Colaco celebrated their silver wedding anniversary on 31, December 2000, with a difference. They fed over 100 orphan children and donated from their family sources Rs.55,000 to We care under the fund heading Kevin & Maureen Colaco charity Fund. We have reproduced their letter to We Care below: Our silver year of memories: As our Silver Wedding Day draws near, we recall many happy memories we have gathered on life's way which add a wealth of meaning to our Silver Wedding day. "A Promise we made before GOD and man, the beating of two hearts in love, prayed that our life together be a happy one blessed by god from above." We are sweethearts and the closest friends and with each other, our days begin and end. Time has stolen our strength and youth but it has not changed this shining truth. We can't believe our love has lasted all these years, while hardships came with sorrow's tears. Met each test and got by, promising each time we will love each other till we die. We are not rich in worldly wealth nor do we own anything gained by stealth, but to each other we remain the greatest treasure, which is our source of pride and quiet pleasure. 31st December dawned and we wished each other all the happiness with which two loving hearts are blessed. Renewed our promises, exchanged Silver Bands and what joy filled my whole being to hear Kevin say " Maureen you were, and are, my choice for life. My girl, my lady, my sweet wife." What anniversary celebrations are you having, our loved ones asked when we all met to celebrate my sister's silver wedding only a month before. But we didn't think much of a celebrations as our eldest son was away in the US on an assignment. We decided that in memory of our Silver Wedding, we would present a silver gift to society to help under privileged children and that is how the 'Kevin & Maureen Colaco Charity Fund' under We Care was born. What immense joy filled us on our Silver Wedding day which was othewise a quiet affair. We were blessed with two boys who have grown up to be handsome lads. Keith is now working and his gift to us was his contribution to our charity fund. We appreciate his thoughtfulness and gesture and we hope he will continue to help us build up this fund. Conrad is still a student, so we got warm wishes and kisses from him and we hope that his contributions to this fund will flow shortly. Both of us have retired under VRS and plan to help social organizations with our services. I end saying, loving God and serving Him in such a faithful way will be a source of pride and joy to us. We pray that he may richly bless our future and may it be even happier than the years we've left behind.


53. We Care Leprosy Fund

Estd 2000. We Care set up a corpus fund towards the Care of Leprosy patients and their families. The interest from this fund will be utilized for the benefit of leprosy patients and their families.


54. John and Theresa D'Souza Memorial Fund

Estd 1999. A fund created by Theresa D'Souza, Belgaum, foundress of We Care, in memory of herself and her beloved huband, towards education of children.


55. Initial Trust Fund

Estd 1999. A fund created by Theresa D'Souza, Belgaum, foundress of We Care, towards creating of the Trust, We Care


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