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In every human face is a longing to be someone and waiting to be loved.
We Care is a belief in the power of love!

We Care is a public charitable trust, registered in Bangalore, India, on 30th January 1999. We are a secular, non-governmental, non-political and non-religious trust. Our benefactors and beneficiaries include people without discrimination of religion, race, caste, language, gender or colour. We associate ourselves with individuals and associations of people of goodwill.


Our vision is the overall human growth and development of every human person. Our primary objective is to support and implement programmers for the benefit of the underprivileged. The current areas of involvement are:

  • education of children
  • rehabilitation of physically and mentally challenged people
  • financial support of the sick, infirm and dying
  • empowerment of women in distress and the girl child
  • food, clothing and shelter for the poor
  • capacity building for staff, volunteers, students, parents and others
The scope of our programmes are limited to the geographical boundaries of the Indian Union.
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HIGHLIGHT OF PROGRAMMES (January 2019 – March 2019)

EDUCATION PROGRAMMES: Free Evening Tuition at Pratiksha Nivas, Bangalore, Karnataka (Daily), 20 students. Education Scholarship for students:

Bharath Community Matric Higher Secondary School, Gudalur, Tamil Nadu, 30 students.
Bharath Matha Nursery Primary School, Gudalur, Tamil Nadu, 28 students.
Camel High School, Giddha Pahar,Darjeeling, 30 students.
Fatima Girls' Higher Secondary School, Gudalur, Tamil Nadu, 75 students.
Gerosa Primary School, Gudalur, Tamil Nadu, 20 students.
Gerosa Nusery & Primary School, Gudalur, Tamil Nadu, 30 students.
Govt. Higher Secondary Schoool, Gudalur, Tamil Nadu, 20 students.
Individual students studying at various schools, Gudalur, Tamil Nadu, 10 students.
Maria Deepti Matriculation, Panakahalli, Tamil Nadu, 48 students.
Maria Nikethan Day Care Centre, Gudalur, Tamil Nadu, 17 students.
Premal Jyothi Convent , Gujarath, 18 students.
Santhome Higher Primary & High School, Anavatti, Shimoga, Karnataka, 10 students.
St. Alphonsa Hostel, Munshibari, Bihar, 40 students.
St. Alphonsa Vidayalaya, Jharkhand, 30 students.
St. Clare’s Hostel, Satmi (for girls), Bihar, 30 students.
St. Francis Hostel, Thakurganj, Bihar , 35 students.
St. Francis de Sales College, Bangalore, Karnataka, 1 student.
St. Francis Middle School, Thakurganj, Bihar, 35 students
St. Gabriel High School, Hazaribag, Jharkhand, 70 students
St. Joseph's Nursery and Primary, Gudalur, Tamil Nadu, 17 students.
St. Mary’s Bal Bhawan Hostel, Etah, U.P, 50 students.
St. Mary’s Hindi Medium School, Etah, U.P, 50 students.
St. Mary's High School, Gudalur, Tamil Nadu, 76 students.
St. Thomas High School , Munshibari, Bihar, 50 students.
St. Thomas School, Sundermore, Jharkhand, 50 students.
St. Vianney School, Satmi, Bihar, 40 students.

Celebration for Children of Free Evening Tuition Class, Pratiksha Nivas, Bangalore, Karnataka:  

Christmas Programme, 44 participants. 
Founder’s Day, 25 participants.
Free Evening Tuition Class, Closing Day, 15 participants.
Premankur Volunteers, Bangalore, visit to Pratiksha Nivas, 10 volunteers.
Republic Day, 25 participants.
Women Day, 25 participants.


Ashray Matridham, Varanasi, UP (monthly programme), 26 beneficiaries. Kidney patient, 1 beneficiary. 


Food rations, in Bangalore, 3 families.
Karunamaya Destitute Home, Khammam, Andhra Pradesh, (monthly food support), 22 beneficiaries.
Maria Sadan, Toopra, Telangana State, (monthly food support), 22 beneficiaries.
Premankur Volunteers, Bangalore, clothes for new born children, 25 beneficiaries.


The foundress of We Care expired on 01-August-2011. Thank you very much  for your words of comfort and 
for the support of your prayers.

                         Click here

to view a presentation on the life of Mrs. Theresa 
Ignatia D'sourza.

                Mrs. Theresa Ignatia D'sourza.
                  foundress of We Care